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Frequently Ask Question

  1. Why should I register as a reward member?
    A registered reward member is entitled to receive rewards by viewing selected media files.
  2. How do I register as a reward member?
    Go to the profile page, look for the ‘Reward Registration’ tab on the left column. Fill in your particulars to register yourself as a reward member.
  3. What is the difference between a ‘member’ and a ‘reward member’?
    Member - Full access to the website. Do not entitle to rewards by viewing the media files.
    Reward Member – Full access to the website. Earn rewards while viewing selected media files.
  4. How do I know if I have successfully registered as a reward member?
    A success registration will change the ‘Reward Registration’ to ‘My Reward’ under ‘Dashboard’ tab.
  5. What is Cashcow point?
    Cashcow point tells you how much you have earned. With the CashCow points, you can redeem the rewards given by the Uploaders.
  6. How reward member earn reward?
    A ‘reward member’ earn the reward by viewing selected media file that are available for rewards.  
  7. Do I need to share the media file to earn reward?
    No. After you are done with the media file, the reward (CashCow Point) will be credited into your account.
  8. How much do I earn by viewing media file?
    Each Uploader allocate different reward amount for their media file. So, every reward is a surprise!
  9. How do I redeem my reward?
    Go to ‘My Reward’, hit ‘redeem’ tab to redeem reward.
  10. Is there any minimum / maximum amount for me to redeem the reward?
    It depend on the rewards given by the Uploaders.
  11. How many days does it take for the whole redeem process ?
    The redeem process will take less than 7 working days after approval done,  and the reward will directly send to reward member.
  12. Who should I contact if I encounter any issue for my account?
    Drop us an email at Our Cashcow boys and girls will get back to you ASAP.