Affiliate & Referral Marketing – A performance-based marketing approach that let you pay only when a desired action has taken place. CashCow is a Malaysia affiliate & referral marketing network. We help advertisers to leverage on affiliate & referral social network & maximize advertiser sales.

CashCow – We grow together with our Advertisers


What We Provide

Affiliate & referrer Tracking

Manage and track affiliates & referral marketing activity. To give insight and understanding of the affiliate’s & referrer's performance with measurable key metric.

Automated Billing

Centralised hub to manage commission pay-out to the affiliates & referrers.

Event Tracking and Custom Goals

Monitor event performance and real conversion rate. Custom goals can be established with our data analysis report after the event ends.

Real Time Campaign Measurement

We capture real time information and data from your campaign to enable you to make accurate analysis and to take proactive respond for your campaign.

Market Performance

Your market performance indicators and relevant data will be provided for your further analysis.

User Friendly Interface

User friendly dashboard for advertiser to monitor performance. Simple & easy mobile application for affiliates & referrers to complete tasks and earn with just a click.

Content Hub

Information Sharing

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