About Us

Story Of Us

Hello! Welcome to meet Smith and Steve - the founders of Cashcow.

Just in case you are curious about the founders, we have a ‘mini story’ about them for you, in here.

The fundamental reason to establish this online video advertising channel is simple. It was inspired by their friend – John, back in June 2015.

John, a business owner who runs his business diligently. He engaged numerous digital advertising platforms such as uploading pictures and writing articles online to promote his products. However, John realised the results had never been satisfying.

Noticing the difficulties John facing, Smith and Steve quickly came to realise that people have just too little time and patience for a boring piece of advertisement, be it picture or article.

Standing out from these motionless advertisements, VIDEO ADVERTISING is different. It is often compelling, especially when the content is creative and fun. Video presentations give more insights of a product/service and thereby attract more traffic, catch more attention and eventually enhance conversion rate. And these are the core values of video advertising.

Understanding how effective video advertising is compared to any other form of advertisings, the founders decided to set up a unique and customised online video advertising platform to help advertisers to deliver their messages to the right audiences effectively and efficiently.

But, this is not the end yet. In Cashcow, we uphold the belief to always be grateful. So, to make things in line with our culture, we add in our little secret - Reward.

To express gratitude, rewards are given to ads viewers as a token of appreciation. And yeah, this is our way of saying thank you!

The development of this unique platform has never been smooth sailing and easy. However, the two founders have never thought of giving up. On the contrary, they always go the extra mile to make things right. The efforts and persistence they devoted to Cashcow has eventually overcome all the difficulties and hurdles.

In year 2018, Cashcow.com.my has finally established.